Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok, back to makin' stuff

Whew! After wading through the political mush for 3 days, it's time I told you about some of the work I've been doing -

My build, "Rocket Man," a fable about "the future of virtual worlds" perhaps being the only worlds we will have if we continue overloading and polluting our lovely planet, was completed in 5 days - 3 for building and two for graphics and tweaking. Lucky thing too; a co-location server farm in Texas borked badly on the 19th, causing the heart-rending "destination unreachable" screen to panic everyone for two days, leaving close to 5000 sims in limbo and frightening the bejeebers out of people trying to finish their builds. Luckily, love and Phaylen Fairchild prevailed and we were all given until the 22nd to finish (which hardly mattered to me, as this was my deadline as second-round pick irregardless) and we all happily primmed away.

Be sure to get the infocard from the Main Computer, which also includes a fascinating and widely-ranging dialogue with Physeter Nicholls held inside the installation on the backstory and relevant concerns of my piece. Yes, it looks like space, but it concerns raising questions about our technology before we go marching merrily into the plugged-in future.

I'm proud of the nice comments people have been making, seeing as this is my first large build over 15 prims lol.

Also to be noted: I could have jammed a helmet on the Pilot or built my own head, but I decided that Stavin Carter's "NOOB!" is so famous, so widely-used, so much a fixture in Second Life that he richly deserved to be included in The Future Of Virtual Worlds; at least his head. Thanks Stavin!

through July 6th

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And coming up in the same week was my installation of major pieces for Kelly Yap's Water Show, which opened today. Kelly asked me to be in the show a month ago, right in the middle of my RL moving chaos, but I managed to work up 6 pieces for her consideration. To my amazement she asked for all of them...

Kelly rebuilds her gallery for each exhibition and this one is an stunning work of art in itself - a flowing, rolling beauty of subtle textures and structure that begs to be photographed and adored for itself. Come see work by Raisin Runo, Physeter Nicholls, Pol Jarvinen, Dacob Paine, Ainsworth Gastel, Isobel Gustafson, borges19 Oh , Francis Bagration, Lawndart Curtiss, Morgana Nagorski, Bau Uhr, Fuschia Nightfire, Sabrinaa Nightfire and Alizarin Goldflake's incredible aquarium on the roof. Then, when you are simply awash in art ecstasy, get off on the 3rd floor and dance with wild abandon to Walton Vieria's eclectic mixes in the Space Bar.

Wear a swimsuit, bikini or merfolk tail for the big opening celebration on July 4th at 5SLT and watch the fireworks! And be sure to sit on my anemone and get your picture taken as Botticelli's "Venus" :O (works especially well in a bikini!)

Runs June 25th - August 15th

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Also installed this month were a few select paintings and pieces, including "Confessional" and my Celestial Clock at the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts In Portabello. For some strange reason, Ally and Stefanik also fell in love with my "Remake/Remodel - N00b At Work" which is a gigantic sculpture of a n00b working on designing his first "SL" avatar - not the n00b one he first rezzed in and blinged out, but his first true effort at self-creation. (I keep hoping IBM will want this in a public square some day but erm... I am deluded, as most of my friends know.) Still, it's worth a gander, especially if you wish to scare children.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok well that's enough of shameless self-promotion. Oops, wait, one more:

My own small Garden, which hosts my Singing Flowers, some sculptures, and my Temple which is arranged for healing and meditational work with sound. There's no charge or cover fee for using the Temple or playing with the flowers in the Garden and all are welcome. Just stick to the rules for PG Mainland and you'll be fine; that means put on some clothes, 'k? Kthxbai.

The Garden of Sound/Temple of the Radiant Moon

This has been an amazing month for me: moving 2500miles in RL, being 18 months sober (yay!) and giving myself the gift/gamble of rebirthing myself, walking out on a ledge, jumping off and having so many angels and wonderful peeps lift me up and out. Sure, it's shaky, but my Muse speaks to me again and that's worth everything and more.

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