Monday, October 25, 2010

Monetizing My Blog +LOLcat Forebear

Ok, time to get with this Web 2.0 thing and get on the train. Bowing to pressure, I have decided to monetize my blog.

Yes... henceforth from this day, I declare this blog to be worth one mil... no, wait, umm... 10 million dollars. The value of this blog is 10 million dollars US.


Having monetized my blog now in this initial public offering (IPO), I can relax, sit back and let the manteca roll in. I'll just hire me a team of mercenary Korean clickers to waft my blog to the top of the heap while I giggle over my Paypal balance and start ordering the things I want, like a vacation in the Seyshelles. A new bikini. Caps for my teeth. A cool car like a Ford Falcon.

I struggled for a long time with this decision. I know some people will say that I'm selling out. Well,
let them! Soon I will be able to buy their houses and burn them down! Of course, me being me, I will let them escape in time. But that's to be my only concession. I mean this.

I will still try to be me; just me
with a lot more loose ca$h lying around. In fact, if you are nice to me, I may invite you over to my house to roll around in a huge cash pile on my bed or let you tag along on that vacation to the Seychelles.

I worked long and hard, in fact most of my life, for this. You can't say I'm being selfish. You can't say that I've given up my dreams. Maybe you just never knew my real dreams, because most of those dreams require
huge gorilla-choking wads of ca$h. So I am really only pursuing the dreams I have cherished from childhood.

Ok, guys, I'm ready now. I'm open to accepting all the delicious cornocopia of prosperity. Send your deal-guys. I'm willing to make a generous allowance in your franchise options if you make it snappy. Film rights should be discussed with my agent, who will contact the board of directors and given some time to think about a definitive direction they'll get back to you with an opinion on that.


Two art-related stuffs:

- recent interest in Louis Daguerre's 1838 Daguerreotype of Paris
, purporting to be the oldest photograph of a human being. The Atlantic article also has a handy link to Abelardo Morell's modern camera obscura experiments.

- one of the earliest ancestors of the revered LOLcat has been located.

That is all *checks Paypal balance*


Kranfel aka Kling said...

woot!! But i have to settle for the T-shirt for the time being. My paypal balance dont allow any film right contract right now =))

sororNishi said...

OK, I'll sign whatever too, you've convinced me.
I'll do the StupidFarmVille blogTweet DumpMars posts every day, as long as they pay.
Where do I click, I agree all terms and conditions, always have, always will.

Scottius said...

You need at least 7 insurance ads, with very annoying animated gifs. Do that, and you will never have to work again. My big brudda told me that, and he is twelve.