Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fili - Poet's Rede complete

Finally through with this Talking Stick, bespoken to a poet. There are 16 layers of finishing, alternating between clear, iridescent & color glazes, giving the surface a deep and shimmering look & which causes the ink undercoloring to flash and emerge depending on the angle or the type of light hitting it.

The feathering band, evocative of a Plains Indian coup-stick, is bone, sterling & amber glass beading on a hemp cord, which can be removed from the stick and worn as a feathered chest-piece or just removed for heavy hiking/walking use.

There is a small hard-rubber tip at the ground end to keep the stick from scratching floors.

Here is a full photoset on Flickr showing a lot of the detailing. As the stick shimmers & changes with a light source it is one of the harder things to photograph, so there are many photos there.

If you'd like to know more about my process with this piece, you can look at this post describing that process.

Fili will be wrapped & packaged and on it's way to the poet this coming week. I hope she finds it as inspirational as I did - it is filled with the magic of Nature and the words of 45 poets from ancient to contemporary times.


sororNishi said...

wonderful, truely magic.

Miso Susanowa said...

Thx soror! This one was a little long in the doing, as I was both working in an opposite way to my usual for this kind of thing, and gathering the materials (ink set, brushes, finishes, etc) so hopefully the next ones will be a little faster :D

Anonymous said...

It's magical!
You can almost *feel* that it has a soul

FreeWee said...

I would feel so intimidated to receive a piece like this. How could anyone live up to it? If there is such a thing as a magickal object, this is it. I hope the poet finds it inspiring. I can hardly imagine crafting words with such deep layers of meaning and substance, buffing and polishing adverbs and nouns until they scintillate in the moonlight...

Miso Susanowa said...

Freewee: Oh, I think you did a nice job with that beautiful compliment!

I have always liked to make art that is also useful or has a function; a lot of that comes from seeing tribal artifacts that were both beautiful art and were used. Any magic that comes from such pieces is a result of willing collaboration between the artist & the dreamlife of the holder.

Some art is good to put on a pedestal or behind velvet ropes, but other art is good to be a living functional part of someone's life, particularly another artist.

Thiruppathy Raja said...
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Lori Sheppard said...

This art will be both, in the hands of the writer that cherishes the artist that made it for her.

Lori Ann / Skylar