Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GODart Grand Opening

Woot! I have a piece in GODart. The Grand Opening is October 11 @ 1pmSLT and features two live concerts and two DJ sets:

1pmSLT - Live Concert: Alex Parsons
2pmSLT - Live Concert: Sonorous Breaks
3pmSLT - DJ Set - Shane Hornet
4pmSLT - DJ Set - Nightwish Sveiss

This is the last event and swan song for Freak Show, one of the most interesting, controversial, mind-expanding and sheerly beautiful art groups/projects in Second Life.
Here's the Freak Show website:

The statement is there; I am a latecomer so there's not much more I can add to that. I am very honored that Loglady Loon has chosen to allow me to place a sculpture of mine - Foundation of Guilt - in this last show, given that Freak Show was more about pictorial artworks (from the statement) and that she has given me a place amidst some of the finest artists in SL.

So go; cheer, see, hear, dance; say goodbye to one of the most significant movements/gathering places/showcases/experiments of art in Second Life:

The Artists:

Abigale Heron
Bunny Brickworks
Katiya Rhode
Telemaco Homewood
Don Hosho
Denise Rowlands
Bruno Canedeo
Saphire Nishi & Ozz Boyd
Cristiana Jules
Lavendar Paine
Frutti Freschi
Ossi Boa
Subversive Vavoom
Crow610 Mainline
Naxos Loon
Trilly Sands
Demerick Creely
Petersnow Hyun
Kei Kojishi
Nicolette Marx
Stephen Venkman
Nimil Blackflag
Brutus Martinek
Cerdwin Flanagan
Chaos Richard
Damion Dagostino
Alyne Dagger
Starr Sideways
Kiya McMahon
Dolly Voom
Faina Cortes
Miskat Qinan
Charles2 McCaw
Juliet3d Quinzet
Banrion Constantine & Sowa Mai
Miso Susanowa

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