Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stocking Stuffers - Showings December

Well, ok, enough of the political/world stories for now. My RL move has been accomplished and I have been remiss in documenting some of the showings I have had in this December (after the slow summer, it's always a surprise when things ramp up again)

Besides CHROMA (previously posted) which is showing at Dividni Shostakovich's Split Screen exhibition space and the logo I designed for that space, there's...


in camera - some of my RL 35mm photography work and digitally-processed photographs/paintings at Kelly Yap Galleries through Jan. 15th. I don't show these often in SL so it was a nice change of pace for me.

SLurl: in camera @ Kelly Yap Newcomers and Friends Gallery


also at Kelly Yap's, the Angry Art show, in which I won Jury's Choice and am one of the top 5 semifinalists for Daddy (for Sylvia) - a piece based on a painting I did when I was 16. The 5 finalists in the show also include Sabrinaa Nightfire, Alcibides Zemenis, Trill Zapatero and Myndi Meredith and the voting goes through December 30, so go see and vote!

SLurl: Angry Art finalists @ Kelly Yap Newcomers and Friends Gallery


PiRats Art Network is showing my immersive piece City through December; an uncomfortable (and loud) piece which is seldom shown, but Merlina and Newbab were very enthusiastic about hosting it and I am grateful to them.

SLurl: City @PiRats Art Network


My interactive piece For Your Viewing Pleasure won 2nd place in the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge and is on show at the UWA area for previous winners of the competition:

SLurl: For Your Viewing Pleasure @ UWA

UPDATE JUL 20 2011: It appears as if The Onion had a look at this piece:

City Opens New Art Jail



At Inworldz, I have created both the Christmas Treasure Chest for Stefanik Dagostino's S & S Galleries Christmas Hunt (which is an excellent idea of Stefanik's to expose people to many places in InWorldz) and the Solstice Tree - a limited-edition IW-only numbered sculpture that comes with an MP3 of original music composed for it and only available for download to the purchasers of the Tree.

Both these pieces, as well as some of my other Christmas things can be seen in InWorldz; search me out and look in my Picks for the teleports. There are also photos of them up on Flickr.


So, other than that, I am catching up on what's been going on while I have moved and been spending my days opening boxes and trying to find stuff like dish towels, shower curtains and a bed. Please forgive me if I have missed your show or opening in the past 3 weeks; RL has been taking precedence.

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sororNishi said...

Well, a huge body of varied work for someone that busy.... brilliant stuff, Miso. :))