Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natural Born Dahls

Another Episode of IMprov Theatre

Miso Susanowa: *drive by hugging*

Nazz Lane: flashes a wide grin

Miso Susanowa: Bad girls bad girls, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they hugs on you? bad girls, bad girls...

Nazz Lane: grins wider

Miso Susanowa: *ccccchhhhhk* 1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, see the lady, corner of SL and Vine, hugging in progress *cccchhhhk*

Miso Susanowa: "Damn" *jingling hitching-belt-sound* "And I just got my order from Mickey D's *sigh*"

Miso Susanowa: *weeeoooweeeooweeeooowweeeooo*

Miso Susanowa: COP2 : "You think she's packing?"

Miso Susanowa: COP1: "No, but she'll grow into it. They start with hugging. Then it's kissy-kissy and squeezy. Next thing you know, they're hogging all the damned covers."


sororNishi said...

hehehhee....excellent....poor dahls.

Brinda said...