Monday, September 19, 2011

Watching Social Media - Occupy Wall Street

two new posts @Netpolitik, both dealing with the 'OccupyWallStreet' operation going on in NY at Wall Street since Sept. 17th.

Taking Wall Street by Twitter

This first is very messy, "real-time" blogging post; grabbing tweets as the situation unfolded and attempting to stay with the stream. Lots of conflicting information about what was happening and some observations about the 'media grey-out' happening domestically when foreign media (notably Russian, Egyptian and Spanish) were putting front-page or lead stories up. Lots of great tweets reproduced.

Taking Wall Street by Twitter - Day 3 - News

This post is a bit more coherent, summarising some of the issues, fact-checking on stuff like Twitter censoring hashtags, Yahoo email killing mail sent with the hasgtag or link to (videos of this happening) and Facebook deleting user's wall and post items in the same manner (video of this happening)

There's a lot of links to both independent (blog) media and mainstream media collected over the last 3 days as information starts to get out.

Definitely Netpolitik material; it's not all cheerleading but it is a fascinating look into using social media to "organize" a protest, how information and disinformation can cross swords and how mainstream media can be routed around by the network.

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