Friday, May 4, 2012

Inworldz Wizardry - The E8 Polytope

"Because the Wizard is a wizard."

Wizard Gynoid, mathematical muse, has managed another first: rezzing and linking a 7,153-prim object in Inworldz and setting it rotating. Without crashing anything, I might add.

Wizard Gynoid: The E8 Polytope is the most elegant, most sophisticated and complex geometrical object known to mathematicians. There is beauty in its elegant symmetry.

Miso Susanowa: ach its bootiful!

Wizard Gynoid: you think?

Miso Susanowa: ya I do ^_^

Wizard Gynoid: up until recently no one had seen it, because it had to be calculated using a super computer. Plus there's the multi-dimensional aspect to it. This is the 3D shadow of an 8-dimensional object, so it is only one "rotation" of that 8-dimensional object. It happens to be the most elegantly symmetrical rotation, because it shows all 240 vertices points, plus there is a "tunnel" that runs through the object vertically, surrounded by concentric circles of vertices points.

Miso Susanowa: You've been working on them in VWs for how long?

Wizard Gynoid: I've been working on the E8 Polytope in Virtual Worlds since 2008, when I did the Rezzable Visions show. That was a much simpler version; in fact a copy of that is on the ground on my Wizard sim here in Inworldz. That one is also linked into one object and set rotating, but it's only about 1,400 prims. This one must be some kind of record...

Wizard Gynoid: and you saw how fast and how flawlessly that rezzed using Phlox

Miso Susanowa: Yes, it was amazing after watching the Klien bottle assemble twice [in Second Life] - that took over an hour.

Wizard Gynoid: This wouldn't be possible in Second Life.

Miso Susanowa: Didn't you also have the E8 somehow rezzed into RL crystal or something?

Wizard Gynoid: Yes, I had this laser etched into a crystal cube. Which you can purchase as a matter of fact.

Miso Susanowa: annnddd... link pls? :)

Wizard Gynoid:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Watch the video to be amazed at the speed with which the Phlox script engine calculates and assembles this incredibly-complex object (but really, take the You Tube link, as embedding compresses the video here and it's nasty with artifacts; at You Tube, raise the quality to 480p)

The E8 Polytope in Inworldz
Wizard Gynoid
(with script consultation by Desdemona Enfield)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Anonymous said...

Oh god this is unbelievably beautiful.

Leanna xx

Wizzy Gynoid said...

can be seen up close and personal at's%20Workshop/125/128/501 (IZURL works only in

Lalo Telling said...

Stunning, Wizzy!

[aside to Miso: "then I'm sure to get a heart.. a home... da noive"]

Apmel said...