Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Nazz Lane & Scruplz Interviews


Not only is my butt famous (see last post) but I have been graced in having two interviews published this week.

The first is by Nazz Lane over at Lane's List. Nazz is a great interviewer, making you feel at home and like a friend, and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that we had. It's in two parts because of my self-confessed Chatty Cathy Syndrome (CCS) and Nazz deserves 3 Gold Stars for Editing Patience and Effort. * * *

The second is by Dividni Shostakovich and comes in the Scruplz Magazine Intellibook format, which you can read on the website or IM me inworld for a copy there.

UPDATE Nov. 13 - Dividni has posted the blog of the Scruplz Magazine interview with additional conversation cut for length (you know me *ducks head*

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sororNishi said...

hehhehe.....yep, you're famous.