Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arte Y Parte: Major Spanish Art Magazine Explores SL Arts

"In its twelve years of existence Arte y parte, published [RL] every two months, has been consolidated as one of the most consulted art magazines in Spain and Portugal" [via Google].

'La Vanguardia Ingravida En El Metaverso', an in-depth article by Holala Alter [nee Julio Juste Ocaña] on the metaverse and particularly the artists and art scene in Second Life is featured as this month's cover story. The magazine is available now in pdf [which explains my slow translation] and in print throughout Spain and Portugal [waiting for the mail breathlessly!]

Although mi poco de español es muy malo, with Google's help I have hacked out a quick translation and some understanding; the article is very positive and comprehensive, exploring the metaverse as a frontier for new forms of art.

Holala has also written about the efforts of the University of Delaware, the University of Western Australia, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Bowling Green State University, Ohio University, the University of Grenada and the Pontifical University of Peru for their efforts and leading positions in exploring and supporting the artistic exploration of the metaverse; familiar names to those of us working in the arts in Second Life.

Also mentioned are fellow artists Dancoyote Antonelli, Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond from Pirats, Sasun Steinbeck's Galleries of Second Life, China Tracy, AngryBeth Shortbread, Douglas Story, Desdemona Enfield, Dizzy Banjo, Poid Malkovich, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Giovanna Cerise, Treacle Darlandes, Fuschia Nightfire, Blue Tsuki, Betty Tureaud, Typote Beck, Max Bobair, Aneli Abeyante, Glyph Graves, Glenman Jun and Luko Enoch.

This is a major effort to introduce people in Spain & Portugal to the digital arts frontier through a prestigious and respected arts magazine and I am excited for all of us working in this new medium.



jayjayzifanwe said...

wow. is there a direct link to the article itself ? I had trouble trying to find where to go

Miso Susanowa said...

The link is to the (paid) digital download PDF of the (physical) magazine. The writer was kind enough to send me scans of the magazine pages.

I am trying to find out now where the publisher is so that print copies can be ordered; if I do I will post that information here.

Miso Susanowa said...

According to an email I got today from Holala, "In terms of distribution, is also done in all countries of America, Portuguese and Spanish" so I will look for a distributer in the US. He also provides this information about the magazine:

Arte y Parte
Tres de noviembre, 31
39010 Santander Spain

Teléfono: + 34 942 37 31 31

Fax: + 34 942 37 31 30