Saturday, January 1, 2011

Predictions for 2011

Well, everyone's doing it, so here goes:

- I predict that people will keep making predictions about the future of Second Life and everyone will be surprised when a virtual comet crashes into Point Zero and knocks SL off into an elliptical orbit that will send it deep into the Oort Cloud.

- I predict that Bat Boy will be seen in Second Life.

- I predict that somehow, one of Pathfinder's leaps through a hypergate will loop him back in time. He will take charge of Linden Labs, and suddenly we will find ourselves in a much more interesting world immediately. But we won't remember the previous world (this one) so no one will be aware of this.

- I predict that if Wizzy keeps sucking the lifeblood out of noobs, Linden Labs will offer her a job.

- I predict that soror will finally make a tree that causes all her other trees to link up into a huge hyper-universal entity and that, as new worlds are discovered, we will find soror's plants have already migrated there on spaceborne spores or something.

- I predict that Lalo will have difficulty finding an authentic Southwestern taco in Indianapolis and his cat will gradually come to enjoy the new place.

*wipes hand across forehead shakily*
the Spirits depart... I can say no more.


btw, this post on Pathfinder's blog is really good.


Lalo Telling said...

"Swami, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Swami..."

An authentic taco comes from a "roach coach" truck, the kind that pull up to construction sites all over Texas at break and/or lunchtime. If they have those in Indy, I'll find one eventually.

Mouse is doing fine, by the way -- her appetite is back, and today we played "Sparta the Mean Kitty", in which she attacks my hand while it's encased in a leather glove.

sororNishi said...

Spookily amazing predictions ... it's gonna be an exciting year, for sure.

Miso Susanowa said...

@Lalo: *doesn't need to lecture an ex-SoCal girl about authentic tacos and roach coaches*

I LOVE "Sparta the Mean Kitty*!
*starts chant: SPARtacus SPARtacus SPARTACUS!!!! *puts $5USD on Mouse*

@soror: pls remember to tell your Tree Entity that I am a pixie and am good to trees.