Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CIA Flickr


The CIA has started a Flickr account, where you can see such strange things as Robot Fish Charlie, the Dragonfly Insectothoper, the oh-so-fashionable Bodyworn Surveillance Equipment and my favorite, the tasteful, purse-friendly Concealment Device (Modified Ladies Make-Up Compact) (I wish I had one of these; those shiny, oily spots on my nose have frequently blown my stealth capabilities when stalking bar-prey).

So stoke both your outlandish design sense and your paranoia by taking a look before it's all pulled down in favor of National Security or something.

[BTW, Robot Fish Charley looks suspiciously like something from Igor Ballyhoo (except not as pointy) and I believe the Dragonfly Insectothopter to be one of Glyph Graves' early projects...]

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