Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day-Glo @ Kelly Yap Galleries

Some very cool art in a new gallery by Kelly Yap. Dress up Bright and Dance among the Rooftop Forest of Soror Nishi! Prizes for the Brightest, the Strangest and the Most Cosmic!

Also take a walk down the Art Walk when you get time...lots of new artists! The Kelly Yap Art Walk is now hosting Eliza Quinzet, rant Ugajin, Ally Aeon, Bobbi Laval, Harter Fall, Em Larsson, lala Lightfoot, Callipygian Christensen, Penelope Parx, Peoney Feld, Gallery SYNergy, Sonia Stardust, Nik Gandt and ginou Forcella


Another Episode of IMprov Theatre

Trill Zapatero: I've decided that I'm not an artist but a creator
Trill Zapatero: creaTOR
Miso Susanowa: not creaTRIX?
Trill Zapatero: call me trixie
Miso Susanowa: ok call me Madge
Trill Zapatero: k Madge
Trill Zapatero: Madge and Trixie
Miso Susanowa: yeah and we can wear orange juice rollers in our hair
Miso Susanowa: and smoke too much
Miso Susanowa: and complain about how hard life is
Trill Zapatero: and laugh all loud with our mouths wide open
Miso Susanowa: with lipstick on our teeth
Trill Zapatero: and smak each other when it's a rullly rully good joke
Miso Susanowa: and laugh just a bit too horsily
Miso Susanowa: horseily?
Trill Zapatero: horsey
Miso Susanowa: and take "pep pills" in secret
Trill Zapatero: and drive like lunatics
Trill Zapatero: flipping everyone the bird
Miso Susanowa: and sometimes just sit in our kitchen and cry
Miso Susanowa: and remember when we were the Prom Queen and now look at us
Miso Susanowa: saddlebags, stretchmarks and a raspy cough
Trill Zapatero: sagggggy boooobs
Trill Zapatero: I swear I'm wearing a torn housecoat
Trill Zapatero: drinking beer in a coffee mug
Miso Susanowa: and really brokedown fuzzy duster slippers
Miso Susanowa: oh... i was going for gin
Trill Zapatero: i have those lips that all the lipstick smears up into the cracks
Trill Zapatero: yes
Trill Zapatero: you're the skinny one
Miso Susanowa: the skinny nervous one
Trill Zapatero: I smak you out of mirth and knock you over
Miso Susanowa: i mean i have a "condition"
Trill Zapatero: and you just laugh your skinny ass off
Miso Susanowa: except when i go maniac and act like a furious avenging bitch
Miso Susanowa: when i snap
Trill Zapatero: then I lock my fat self in the bathroom
Trill Zapatero: and you can't get to your heartmeds
Trill Zapatero: your blood pressure meds
Miso Susanowa: and i am pounding on the door screaming GODDAMIT MADGE I THINK I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK
Trill Zapatero: I'm trixie you're madge
Miso Susanowa: it's the meds
Trill Zapatero: you really got it bad
Miso Susanowa: they confuse me sometimes
Trill Zapatero: so sad really
Trill Zapatero: and we haven't cleaned the cat box for two years, cause it's your turn
Miso Susanowa: i can't interrupt my programs
Miso Susanowa: besides... didn't our cat die like 3 years ago?
Trill Zapatero: nooooo he's just sleeping
Miso Susanowa: LMAO
Trill Zapatero: shut UP
Miso Susanowa: no YOU shut up
Miso Susanowa: *splashes gin on*

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Apmel said...

Haha, Miso and Trill! I love to hear this side of your beautiful personalities also..:))))