Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ballad of the Nym Berets

Ballad of the Nym Berets

Typing people on keyboards;
These good souls - ladies and lords;
Folks who mean just what they say -
The good peeps of the Nym Beret

Honored names upon the net;
Chatting friends; best evar yet!
A hundred folks I've met to date,
And they're all proud to wear the Nym Beret

Folks who give generously;
Intelligent peeps; the kind you need;
They are real, just like they say;
But Google spits on the Nym Beret

Well-known nyms upon the net;
Chatting friends; best evar yet!
One thousand folks I've met to date,
I know them all by their Nym Beret

Back at home, the typist waits;
Her honored nym has met its fate -
No matter what she has to say,
Google stamps on the Nym Beret

So pick a name that don't sound weird -
Make it dull or you're gonna be speared;
And then suspension is your fate,
You'll be marked as a Nym Beret

for Botgirl
photo © 2010 by Raven Haalan

ADDENDUM: for you non-musicologists, this is a parody of a hit song from 1966 by Ssgt Barry Sadler called "The Ballad of the Green Berets", a super-pro-military quasi-hymn that became very popular. That link will show you the video on You Tube :D

Sidenote: the midi file playing was first created and used on my 1996 site, which also gives this blog its title (continuity!). At that time, the parody was Ballad of the PINK Berets, refering to my Battlenet all-girl mech team, which won 1st place 2 yrs in a row :P


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Jim said...

Well done. And perhaps someone can place my nym beret over my unmarked Google+ grave.

sororNishi said...

hehehhe.. great tune.... agree with you there Jim.

Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Where do I get one? :) Oh, and I hope it's meshed... :-) Sculpties are sooooo 2010...