Thursday, September 9, 2010

Artbreaker on Treet TV and Another One Of Those Conversations

The Artbreaker! Event at Pop Art Lab is now on Treet -

... including the speeches of the artists, Pathfinder and Claus. It's worth a watch if you missed (or got logged from) the opening... and the Tasuko Ghost performance is the second half (look for the link). See below post for particulars.

also, Iono Allen's great promo for Artbreaker! is a must-see. Very dynamic and snazzy; Iono only gets better and better. Watch for this guy to go professional very soon...

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Again, one of those conversations that can only happen late at night online...

Miso Susanowa: we need an otter president
Miso Susanowa: Scotti for Prez in 2012!
Miso Susanowa: wait, can you pay campaign contributions in Lindens?

Scottius Polke: maybe in herring
Scottius Polke: or clams

Miso Susanowa: not RED herring tho
Miso Susanowa: that would be commie

Scottius Polke: dont pay attention to the red herring

Miso Susanowa: the opposition can be The Red Herrings
Miso Susanowa: hahahahaha wouldnt that make a GREAT second life art/agitprop?
Miso Susanowa: run a presidential campaign in sl
Miso Susanowa: i will write speeches for you

Scottius Polke: i want to be a constable
Scottius Polke: because I like that word

Miso Susanowa: "We canNOT have, i say CANNOT have, persons in the White House who do not stink like fish!"

Scottius Polke: A "Dont' Ask, Don't Smell" policy

Miso Susanowa: omg giggle
Miso Susanowa: and the Weasels will oppose you
Miso Susanowa: The Weasel Party

Scottius Polke: and have to watch out for Mr Toad
Scottius Polke: at least in his horseless carriage

Miso Susanowa: for Mr Toad we can use a morphed pic of Rumsfeld
Miso Susanowa: he's halfway there


Apmel said...

Well, SaveMe claims her mother is a fish...

Miso Susanowa said...

LOL Apmel ^_^

Anonymous said...

I will feed you both to my mother!