Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Hope - A Garden of Hope

I was asked by Arwen Mannonen to do a small garden in a section of her Project Hope sim. I decided to ask a few other "gardeners" if they'd be willing to contribute and was gratified by their openhearted support of this project.

It's just a small garden with sound for people involved in Project Hope to sit, talk with families or friends or just be alone in beauty. I'd like to thank the following artists for their kindness and generosity in helping to make A Garden Of Hope:

Alizarin Goldflake: for her enchanting Lupine Particle Garden and Luna Moths.

Raven Haalan: for the beautiful Chimes of Privilege.

Sabrinaa Nightfire: for one of her best flowers, Daisy Dazed Dots #2.

soror Nishi: for her marvelous and wonderful Happy Tree.

Trill Zapatero: for her painting "Rebirth of the Goddess (sun-moon-lake)"

I am grateful to have such creative and generous friends in Second Life. On behalf of myself, Arwen and Project Hope, thank you. And ty Arwen for the chance to do something for others.

You can read Project Hope's Mission Statement below:


A Guide to Project Hope

Project Hope is a public island sim privately owned by the Project Hope group, and designed for foster a healing environment for all, including the loved ones who support those on a healing journey. Please feel free to join our group: SLProject Hope

Mission Statement:

SL Project Hope was created to empower and support survivors individually and collectively. We are committed to fostering hope, opportunity, peace, and empowerment for all those who are on a healing journey. SL Project Hope provides a nurturing environment of healing, courage, and strength.

Please feel free to explore some of the places located on Project Hope.

The Meditation Cave: Located in the center of the Sim. Tucked away for you to relax and meditate or do Tai Chi.

The Affirmation Room: Located near the gallery, a round room with affirmations to lift your spirit.

The Discussion/Resource Room: Located in the treehouse near the gallery. RL and video resources and small group meeting area.

The Gallery: Located off the ice cave, a gallery of SL/RL artwork by group members.

Reiki Meditiation area: Located on the SE corner off the gallery for Reiki Meditation and classes.

A Garden of Hope: Located on the south side of the sim at the bottom of the long stairs, for a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the beauty of life.

For more assistance or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Arwen Mannonen.


alizarin said...

Miso - great photo! You must have waited for hours till the SL wind blew that moth particle exactly in front of soror's tree:) As you know, I was in need of healing and hope some time ago in RL so I am especially happy to help others in a situation that is so familiar to me. Thank you for the opportunity. XXX

Miso Susanowa said...

TY Ali, it's a wonderful thing Arwen does at Project Hope.