Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Intel Breakthroughs, meat dresses and more!

Ok, after my intellekshul spazz of the last postie, i return forthwit to my usual sasseh intertubez styl-E and yet again attempt to be a Bloggin' Maven [ and typographical terror - ed ] and follow in the footsteps of my idol and hero Dorothy Parker.


A good article about Intel's opensim load breakthrough @ New World Notes caught my eye, esp this comment by Arcadia Codesmith:

"And if that's the case, this could be a fundamental shift in the compartmentalization of OpenSim worlds (and Second Life, if they grasp the opportunity)."

This kinda blended with an verra funneh article on Alex Hayden's blog about 'The fun and fear in name changing' and the media hype controversy foofaraw about Lady Gaga's Meat Dress to inspire the following thought:

like Lady GG's dress (or her designer's web-crawling habits) 'Viewer 2.0' is a rather uncreative hack and mishmash of whatever's-shown-a-profit-lately or was a cool idea... some time ago. Client feedback (thx soror!) on the eye candy so-called features in Viewer Poo.0 has been voluminous and vociferous. Likewise, the 'name change' option that is being trumpeted as some kind of SL deus ex machina...

... when the truth is, Facebook ain't all that easy to navigate; like any other interface, it takes some time and exploring to grasp... just like SL. Making SL Facebooklike when there are really groundbreaking developments happening like crossgrid teleportation, IBM's load-balancing algorithmns and the like is both reductionist and ridiculous.

Either Second Life opens itself up to the pioneering genius that it originally had or it will be electron dust. It do seem like The Boyz In The Lab are deliberately 'engineering to fail' lately. Oh well; I suppose they can be happy joining the list of old-and-forgotten pioneers like Lycos, GeoCities, Cybertown, Compuserve, ActiveWorlds, Metaplace and the rest of the companies which died the slow death of 1000-budget-cuts in shortsightedness and thus sacrificed the huge future profits Google now has. *sigh* Next dummeh, plz.

Capcha Bonus
my comments on Alex's blog had this capcha: bratines :D


You really should read soror nishi's blog if you want to know what's going on. Luckily, I made the time to get to her 'Tree of Trees' opening and was rewarded with several hours worth of good company, conversation and fun with some of the best people in SL. Highlights included The Born-Again Pagans set, which was soooo laid back that they didn't even show for the gig (now that's xtreme Laidback!); ColeMarie singin' an' 'sploding everyone with magicz (thankfully, the Brass Panties of the Goddess Athena that I bought on ebay with farmed Ls enabled me to weather the storms [eh heh bonus pun +2]) and helping me level up, maxing my Sassiness stat and allowing me to dream of running a raid on a Linden sim 'real soon' (who knows what loot a Linden would drop?).

How soror finds time to do such an incredible build while maintaining her high in-the-know profile and blogging on top of it, I just don't get :(

Oh ya- note to James Cameron's art department: next time, why don't you give some credit to obvious virtual-reality artists influence? I definitely saw soror's work in yer film. 'Nuff said.

Another article that had me reading/fuming/fulminating/littering someone else's blog with a mini-essay in the comments section is 'Sex, Lies and Sundance Film Festival' on White Lebed's Applied Gameology. Can't LL get some real marketing people in there; people who understand their product and point out the virtues of it? Otherwise, all the metaverse will have in the way of press is these types of sensational infotainment belches.

I'm sure the number of cheating spouses, sex weirdos, pr0n-surfin' salarymen at work and the like using say, Yahoo Chat, Google Voice, Skype or for that matter the telephone or video cameras far outnumber the smutty little stories that can be found in Second Life... because they still don't get it: the Grid is a world/metaverse a-borning. As in any other world 'of a thousand stories: some of them pretty, some of them ugly. This one's... pretty ugly', sensationalist eyeball-grabbing churnalism© will float to the top like a prim turd, esp if you don't have a marketing department that knows Jack (oops wait- they do know Jack!) about their own product anymore and are selling concepts, not real value (the legacy of the vulture capitalists and the dot-com bubble)

Plus, there's the fact that this 'cutting-edge psychological exploration of the seamier side of virtual worlds' has been done before... in 1996.

Unfortunately, this film will get a large viewing among art cognescenti, confirming their worst fears about this new medium while leaving them with no other source of information to counter this impression, which would not be the case of someone at LL would take the work that the University of Western Australia, the University of Texas in San Antonio, the arts and university groups and the tech-experimenters are doing seriously enough to harp on the Marketeers to do their fskin' job, quit smoking the '2.0' crack and clouding up the room with their visions of 'if we could only have been like Facebook, we'd be wallowing in the bux!'

[I just sometimes wonder how many sensationalist stories there were about nude women and children being exploited, spouses cheating with their models, paint-addicted and obsessed artists swirling around painting and sculpture, radio, television and the printing press while turning a blind eye to portraiture, the Sistine Chapel, radio plays, 60 Minutes or spreading literacy. I bet that search would gag Google]

i hate 'splaining dis old-skool 1337 stuffs to n00bz over an' over *sigh*


One more tiny tidbit: a comment of mine from my last blog about "marketing weenies" was picked up by Dividni Shostakovich and blogged, which has actually resulted in an interesting dialogue about the balance of the arts and marketing and who exactly are artists trying to reach (or should be)?

mmWAH! @ Dividni


... and to finish misquoting Dorothy Parker,

"I've never been a Linden but I know I'd be just darling at it."