Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grab Bag of Sonic Stuff

Just a few things I want to remember/point you at; no long essays this time *is deafened by cheers*

Belltower of Privilege

You probably can't get in to see it now unless you are in the Burn2 Access Group, but mark Raven Halaan's work as a must-see (and hear) on your Burn2 expedition. Raven's really outdone himself on this build; spectacular structure and really superb soundscape.

SLurl: Belltower of Privilege -


More delicious soundscaping from a hermit who I discovered through the Pop Art Lab show and am dragging out into the light of day (hey, someone did it to me!), Mik Frequency's Sheds is a masterful and entrancing soundscape, some of the finest I have heard in SL. Treat your ears and get to know this guy's work; he won't remain obscure for much longer.

SLurl: Sheds -

SL Addict

Awhile back, White Lebed had a blog article about another one of those "ooo juicy dirt in SL!" films/machinimas - grrr - more sensationalist "coverage" of SL. For a much more balanced and fair look at this question, I'll point you to Eifach's machinima SL Addict. Must-see.

URL: Eifach's SL Addict

The CIA in SL

Did you know the CIA is in SL?!?! Rilly! Spook yourself or your friends by pretending to be a Man in Black. Track down terrists and drag their avatars to the Guantanamo Bay sim! Laugh at them as their planz for Whirled Dominatrix are foiled by lag, non-rezzing seekrit documents, asset server borkages and missing nukalur prim-bomz! Keep your eyes peeled for a patriotical Hunt to assist in this most holy cause!

URL: CIA in SL omg

Icons of the Web

A little side-venture out of but concerning virtual worlds: I've always been fascinated by maps, not the least maps of the emerging net, and has posted a terrifically-detailed map scan of the top million web sites by traffic. Go exploring or make a neato poster for your wall.

URL: Icons of the Web

House of Cards

... and last but not least, my Burn2 build (The History of Social Networks Considered As A House of Cards) is proceeding nicely, with the help of my partner Xenophile Neurocam. If you have access and want a little preview, pop on by and say hi. Under Construction, natch. Be sure to have your ears on (sounds/gestures audio enabled) as the House features an original soundscape designed for this build.

House of Cards at Burn2 going up

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