Sunday, September 5, 2010

Artbreaker Opening @ Pop Art Lab

"Two well-known and respected journalists were seen getting familiarly friendly at the big Pop Art Lab opening this Saturday..." aHEM *cough* ok, enough trolling for blog hits...

The Artbreaker opening at Pop Art Lab yesterday was chock-full (and over-full; at several points we had +63 avatars glued to their seats) was a wonderful, interesting and art-creamy event which had me spellbound to my computer/virtual car/magic mirror for 12 straight hours (given a few interruptions for food and etc).

See post below for particulars; the Artbreaker installations will be in place for at least a month so go HEAR them! Kudos to Claus Uriza, Binary Quandry and the ever-brave and gracious Persia Bravin, who nicely read my presentation speech for me when voice failed. This kind of globe-spanning event/conference/exchange is what virtual worlds are all about.

Highlights included an appearance and talk by Pathfinder (ex-Linden) John Lester, a true game god; interesting art blah-blah by the artists showing (particularly interesting/congruent with my own views was Bryn Oh's talk) (my blahblah is reproduced below if you wish to torture yourself); great dj sets by MommaLuv Skytower, a boffin' set by the Dead Heathers & Sky Galaxy and the always-spellbinding Tasuko Ghost (if anyone says to you, "Second Life is just a game" I heartily recommend you throw a Tasuko Ghost performance in their face and be prepared to catch flies for them as they gape).

Tasuko Ghost, ayaka Ocello, sixeyes Bluebird & ColeMarie Soleil enchant at Artbreaker

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today is both a sad day and a happy day; the last round in the present UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge gets voted on today at 5pmSLT. The Challenge has been an incredible stimulus to creativity for me, challenging me to create a new work each month to enter. Since I am an airhead about money/Ls (a well-known fact), the impetus for me has been the excitement of creating and the chance to let people view my works, prize or no prize.

I've foamed and gushed about the work being done by UWA before, so if you want to hear it again just search my old blog posts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

As for me, I will attempt to put into practice some blog-posting ideas promulgated by a marketing maven who spoke at great length about not much yesterday at the opening, advising bloggers such as myself on the art of pithy, zen-like SHORT postings to capture market-share eyeballs and so on. (waits three beats) HAHAHAHAHAH YEAH SURE! (cartoon eye-poke noises ensue) Listen up, droid-boy: it all depends on what audience you're trying to reach. Now go get some real-world experience and call me back :P

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is my presentation speech at Artbreaker, nicely read in voice by Persia Bravin:

I'd like to first thank Claus Uriza and the wonderful folks at Pop Art Lab for their amazing work on this show and in Second Life. Congratulations on your two-year anniversary! I'd also like to thank The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network and Treet.TV for their support and recognition of Pop Art Lab's efforts.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be included in a group of such spectacular and distinguished artists, and another pleasure to have a show dedicated to sound. Often in Second Life and other virtual worlds, the visual takes precedence; it is flashy and attention-getting; it integrates with the medium of light and color presented on the computer screen. We all like flickering pictures

However, sound is one of the major senses, used for navigation, communication and a sense of location and presence in an environment. We are not eyes only; hearing works with vision (and smell and touch) to fill in our world; to expand our perception of the environment and deepen and enrich our experiences. You cannot have a world or a universe without sound.

For me, sound is so integral to my feeling and understanding of an environment, I couldn't imagine not focusing on it. In physical life, I will often sit and just LISTEN, whatever environment I am in. To me, hearing a soundscape is the same as watching a film; rich, engaging, enthralling. The way sounds shift, mix, delineate and describe events unseen expand my awareness beyond my immediate and visual surroundings to place me in the larger matrix of the world.

So please, as you tour these installations, LISTEN to these worlds; listen to what they are describing, whispering, saying... listen to the SOUND of the multiverse and let it expand your sense of these worlds and this environment. Let it fill in the volumes that color and light and form sketch; let it breathe into these digital spaces and let you know you inhabit a WORLD, not just a movie screen.

Oh... and be sure to TOUCH things, please! Interact with the works. You do this constantly in the "real world," so make this world real!

Thank you :)

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