Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artbreaker - Pop Art Lab's 2nd Anniversary

Pop Art Lab is one of the best displays for the exploration of the emerging new digital medium. Founded by Claus Uriza in 2008, PAL is a showcase of the synergistic digital arts, particularly in sound and music. There are four separate domes dedicated to Electronica, Rock, R&B and hip-hop, as well as performance venues for purely digital artists and collaborators.

On Sept. 4, PAL kicks off a two-month exhibition of art/soundworks to celebrate its' two-year anniversary in Second Life. There will be speakers, talks by artists and live music in a spectacular showcase for the possibilities of digital art.

Partners in this event include the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network and Treet TV. The artists include Abstract Baroque, Binary Quandry, Bryn Oh, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Sledge Roffo, Sunn Thunders and myself.

Some of the best digital bands will be playing; check the schedule below and engage your ears for some dreamy earcandy.

Speakers: Robin Teigland (NVWN), Doug Thomsen (Remedy), Ryan R. Rasmussen (Zucalo Group), Claus F. Povlsen (Pop Art Lab)

Live music: The Dead Heathers, Craig Lyons, Engrama, Tasuku Ghost, MommaLuv Skytower and more.

September 4th, 12pm - 12am PST

12:00 Meet & greet

12:15 Artists presents installations
01:00 Speakers: Binary Quandry (Art Breaker), Claus Uriza (PAL)

02:00 MommaLuv Skytower (US)
03:00 CraigLyons Writer (US)
04:00 DJ TBA
04:30 Live music: Engrama (Arg/Esp)
06:00 Live music: The Dead Heathers (UK/Aus/US)
07:00 ART BREAK! – Tours at Installations

08:00 Meet & greet
08:15 Artists presents installations
09:00 Speakers: Dusan Writer (Remedy), Austin Ellison (Zocalo Group/PAL), Robin Teigland (NVWN)

10:00 Live music: Tasuku Ghost (Jap)
11:30 Live music: Skye Galaxy (US)
12:30 End'

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