Monday, September 28, 2009

Many thanks to those who made things possible

Yesterday was the Second Pride art walk & fundraiser with the proceeds going to Second Pride/Amnesty International. I donated three pieces - a Celestial Clock, Annunciation and '"Repent, Harlequin!" said the Ticktock Man' for auction.

I am very proud to say that my three pieces raised almost 20,000L for Second Pride/Amnesty. I was totally suprised and humbled by the interest and bidding on these pieces.

I am writing this not to brag but to once again thank certain people without whos support and belief I could never have dreamed of coming so far:

Goose Wycliffe, Kelly Yap, Nehema Yifu, Physeter Nicholls, Sabrinaa Nightfire, White Lebed & Winged Heron

Ally Aeon, Artemiss Luminos, Callidus Waydelich, Deebrane String, eno Enyo, Georg Janick, Glyph Graves, Hey Voom, Jayme Hancroft, Jimmy Jetaime, June Trefoil, Karri Lemon, LawnDart Curtiss, magi Scribe, Painless Quicksand, Pomo Moomintoog, Rik Zwiers, samantha Mefusula, Stefanik Dagostino, Truthseeker Young, Varian Altney, Walton Vieria & Xenophile Neurocam.

The auction proceeds are as much their care and effort as mine. Thank you all.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Burning Life (previewing)

Whew. "Burning Life" indeed... what a wave has been sweeping the world lately. Luckily, I have something to do! I am installing in the new S&S Gallery, and have put some new work out especially for Stefanik to enchance his wonderful landscaping art/skills. Check it out!:

For Burning Life, I am making a build to support the collaborative project Misprint Thursday and I have done: "The Roof Is Gone."

This collab started with a piece by Misprint, "choral1" in which she used a loop of her acapella song to produce reverb with spacial placement of prims in SL. I heard the loop and was moved to ask her if I could work with it...

The song, "The Roof Is Gone" emerged from that original acapella loop in about 3 days, then took a week to refine the strings and melodic lines. While I was working with it, I conceived a video for it and spent about a week running around trying to find a machinima maker to do the version I saw in my head and explained to White Lebed at the AG3 Gallery one night. White was kind enough to point me in some directions for machinimists...

Anyways, things circled back to Misprint; I hadn't really known she was a video person *blush*. She and I worked on a video vision that is becoming quite different from the one that I originally had (which might be done as well sometime) but is a work in itself. Nice circular feedback collab!

So... we were discussing an installation of this vision for White's Melancholia show at AG3 when I saw the BL "big art" applications and told Misprint, "we should go for this!"

So, some filling out of forms and crossing of fingers ensued, with a last-minute review of my build/artwork and we got the plot on Black Rock playa! Yay!

So... here's a scratch video with the completed song/soundtrack, up at youtube:

and here's some preliminary shots of the Burning Life build -

It's exciting and fun and all that jazz, so when BL opens I will have some more shots.

Ok, now back to the hornet's nest...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

City gets seen!

Wooo! I would like to thank Siri Woodget for blogging about 'City (Los Angeles)' in her blog My Life in Second Life. BiW has left 'City' standing now for several weeks and I am very proud and happy about that! Yay!

There's still a chance to see 'City' here:

City (Los Angeles) at Brooklyn Is Watching

and some wonderful photos from inside City (Los Angeles) from Siri

plus i will mention again that it is Glyph Graves who is responsible for this piece being shown and seen, because he urged me and pushed me to put it up at BiW. Thanks Glyph!!! ^_^