Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Fling!

Burners! Discard Winter at the Burning Life Spring Fling!
Friday, March 26 - Sunday March 28

Time to light lamps and drum drums! Time to dance the night and day away on two stages! Time to Burn!

Take the time to carpe three awesome diems packed with stuff to check out...

>>> TWO PERFORMANCE STAGES! One features a schedule of great LIVE PERFORMERS, the other features SL's HOTTEST DJs. Get your hud on and get moving! You can see the schedules as google calendars online (urls below ) or you can check out the event boards outside each of the stages or in the infocenter. New stage builds by Rails Baily (DJ Stage) and Nyx Breen (Live Stage).

SLurl: Burning Life - Live Stage

SLurl: Burning Life - DJ Stage

>>> PORTA-POTTIES! Need we say more? A huge swath of the Playa has been set aside to display a huge collection of this long running BL tradition. No need to hold your nose, the ventilation is SL's best.

SLurl: Burning Life - PortaPotty Exhibit

>>> LAMPLIGHTERS! One of Burning Life's proudest traditions continues with a new Lamplighter Village and lamp spires by the team of Kell Babenco, JeanBaptiste Eilde, Desdemona Enfield and Valley Parmelee. Drum. Light up the Playa. Regular processions and fire dancing. The general event calendar will let you know when. You know it. You love it. Be there.

SLurl: Burning Life - Lamplighter Village

>>> BURNIVERSITY! In cooperation with the University of Western Austrailia, our ongoing educational Burniversity series features artist Miso Susanowa speaking on her RL/SL collaborative work with Perth RL sculptor Len Zuks. Her recreation in SL of Len's sculpture LIL' EIZENSTEIN won the UWA - Artist Book Prize (1st) in February!

UWA- Artist Talk Platform

>>> RANGERS! BL's crew of helpers and sanity keepers will be around. Feel free to say hi or drop in at the Ranger station by Corvaire Wind in Gerlach for assistance.

SLurl: Burning Life - Ranger Station

>>> MEDIA MECCA and INFOCENTER! We've got a new infocenter built by Aeneas Beaumont. It's packed with everything you need to know - a playa map, all the event boards (courtesy of CodeBastard Redgrave), new subscription boards (courtesy of Sasun Steinbeck) to mailing lists to save you group space and a stage for use by media looking for a spot to anchor their BL coverage. Got a question? The answer is probably there.

SLurl: Burning Life- Media Mecca and Info Center

>>> CLASSICS! Stop in at the gates and check out the gift tent. If you've never hit the playa in one of the many zany modes of transport in the Department of Mutant Vehicles, now's the time. Cruise through the outstanding "What is Burning Life?" exhibit by Poid Mahovlich.

SLurl: Burning Life - Gates and Gifts

SLurl: Burning Life - DMV Diner

SLurl: Burning Life - What Is Burning Life?


Time to Burn! Spring Fling is part of the afterburn series of events, which occur year-round. For further information or media coordination, contact Raven Haalan, Communications Lead.

You can see the larger version of the poster I designed for Spring Fling on Koinup. I used Spring Man, a sculpture featured in Burning Life 2009 as the center figure of a diorama and then added the flower elements, sun and backdrop and then photo'd the whole thing on the Burning Life playa. The sun was made into a necklace to be given away at Spring Fling.

Koinup: Burning Life - Spring Fling poster

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

M Show!

now it can be told!!

Saturday is a special showing of M Linden (aka Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon) 's first solo art exhibition in Second Life, "Doodle Art," which will simultaneously open in the outworld/RL venue of the University of Western Australia at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery on Friday.

Hosting the live outworld/rl event is none other than award winning West Australian artist Len Zuks, with whom I collaborated as detailed in previous blog posts. Len's physical sculptures will stand beside M's physical artwork, while inworld/SL my collaborative pieces Megabyte and Lil Eizenstein will stand beside the inworld digital representations of M's artwork. I also designed the logo/poster for the digital/rl event.

Here's the announcement:

If you follow Second Life Arts, you know that the SL Art Community is full of surprises. Today we are going to share with you one of the best kept SL secrets...

Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon (known in Second Life as M Linden) is an ARTIST!

Now that the secret is out, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is proud to announce the grand opening of M Linden's first solo art exhibition in Second Life. This truly special event will showcase virtual editions of sixteen drawings selected from M's collection of doodles as well as two SL sculptures created specifically for this show.

* M Linden RL Art Show at the University of Western Australia *
In addition to this exciting SL event, the University of Western Australia is thrilled to announce a real life showing of M Linden's work at the UWA campus on Friday, March 26th.

The RL event will be hosted by award winning West Australian artist Len Zuks ( Len has collaborated with Miso Susanowa to breathe a fresh second life into his sculptures, 'Megabyte' and 'Lil Eizenstein', in a first ever RL/SL collaboration between American and West Australian artists. His RL sculptures will stand alongside M Lindens works!

Commenting on M's works, Len said:
"It is not 10 minutes since my eyes first beheld an image of one of Mark Kingdon's artworks. I had been in discussion with Jayjay for several weeks on this anticipatory moment. If I had seen any other illustration, it would have been of a lesser impact. The unexpected image and the subsequent revealing insights was an unequivocal surprise. It is as if I had bypassed the artist's eyes and had a glimpse into the mechanism of the artist's mind. Wow! "

The Curator: White Lebed
UWA Owner & Co-Host: JayJay Zifanwe
The Gallery builders: The Slingshot, Nyx Breen
Logo & RL/SL Crossover Builds by: Miso Susanowa
Promotional Machinimas: Chantal Harvery and Larkworthy Antfarm
RL Host at UWA: Len Zuks"

WOW IS THIS KEWL OR WHAT!!! Crossover! Ok sorry for all the exclamation points but i am excited!!!! Ok now i'm done :)

Many thanks go to White Lebed, JayJay Zifanwe, Len Zuks and Chantal Harvey, who did wonderful machinima of Megabyte, Lil Eizenstein and the Doodle Art Expo which you can find links for below, and Larkworthy Antfarm's beautiful machinima of M's works:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lil Eizenstein awarded at UWA

I am happy that Lil Eizenstein, my collaborative work with Len Zuks, was awarded the Artist Book Prize at the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge for February 2010. Here's what Jayjay had to say about it -

Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: Now for the Winner of the Artist Book Prize (L$2,000). I'm sure the winner would not have guess that their work was being considered for this prize, and will come as a big surprise. This work has as part of it, a single sheet that has sparked many thousands of books and journal papers around the world.

Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: The WINNER of the ARTIST BOOK Prize for FEBRUARY is:

Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: LIL' EIZENSTEIN by Len Zuks & Miso Susanowa

Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: This is a wonderful collaboration by a West Australian sculpturist who has never been inside of SL directly, and Miso Susanowa.

Congratulations Len! and thanks! (you can read about our collaboration in previous blog entries)

The "single sheet" Jayjay refers to is an excerpt from Einstein's Voice of America radio broadcast in 1945, which is just as pertinent today as it was then. I urge you to read it and to listen to Einstein speaking here:

Now i just have to get to work on the 3rd of the series :D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Further Conversation (with apologies to the MATES)

Disclaimer: the following is extremely-late night humor lampooning American knowledge and attitudes towards other countries. The opinions expressed are our own totally-distorted and satirized imitations of ignorant eejits. So please don't send Australian bushmen ninjas to kill us. TY.

Trill Zapatero: but am about to go to sleep

Miso Susanowa: i should
Miso Susanowa: but i hafta be at uwa in an hour and a half
Trill Zapatero: Aussies walk around upside down
Miso Susanowa: that is why they are silly
Trill Zapatero: it isn't right
Miso Susanowa: well
Miso Susanowa: they all were ex criminals
Miso Susanowa: maybe some still are
Miso Susanowa: anyone who walks upside down has a severe problem
Trill Zapatero: probably most are
Trill Zapatero: still criminals
Trill Zapatero: their national dish is slop
Miso Susanowa: they probably strangle kangaroos with their bare hands
Trill Zapatero: with a side of gruel
Miso Susanowa: we should... we should
Miso Susanowa: it is our DUTY to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY
Trill Zapatero: yes
Miso Susanowa: they didnt plan very well
Miso Susanowa: so they deserve it
Trill Zapatero: and bring them democracy and free enterprise
Trill Zapatero: globalization baby, G L O B A L I Z A T I O N
Miso Susanowa: lol
Miso Susanowa: ONE WERD ORDER!
Trill Zapatero: make no illusion about it
Trill Zapatero: have no mistakes
Trill Zapatero pounds her fists on the table
Trill Zapatero 's left eye pops psychotically
Miso Susanowa: ewww
Miso Susanowa: das nasty
Trill Zapatero: kinder gentler nation
Miso Susanowa: a million holes of light
Miso Susanowa: i mean points
Trill Zapatero: bring the light unto the world
Miso Susanowa: say maybe we should invite people to one of our Death Cam... i mean HAPPY CAMPS!
Trill Zapatero: sayeth God , he speaks to me
Miso Susanowa: to educate them and so on
Trill Zapatero: yes, re'education, american style
Miso Susanowa: hey... its a primitive country; we could use missionarys!
Miso Susanowa: cheaper
Trill Zapatero: we'll get them all hooked on coke , I mean cocacola and big macs
Trill Zapatero: what's good for business is good for the people
Trill Zapatero: hear the peepee trickle down
Trill Zapatero: gawd it feels good to vent
Miso Susanowa: *punches a koala*
Trill Zapatero: hahaha now I'll go paint a dolphin
Trill Zapatero: and a koala
Miso Susanowa: yes and we shall call it ART
Miso Susanowa: it will be hard to paint the dolphin you know
Miso Susanowa: maybe we can get a grant
Trill Zapatero: hahaha

Australian Fun

Ok in the interests of fairness here is a reply from one of those wacky upside-down peoples:

Krystal McKeenan: MISO!!!!
Krystal McKeenan: i neber eats kangaroo in my lifes, i walks da right ways up and all my famly immigrated heres...bad girls!
Miso Susanowa: hey, i punched a koala
Krystal McKeenan: and we don't eats slop! um...i don't fink we has a national dish either
Krystal McKeenan: awww poor koala...what did it do to you? except maybe pees on you
Miso Susanowa: i think america's national dish is beer
Miso Susanowa: not sure though
Krystal McKeenan: AND we is already hooked on coke and big macs fanks you bery muchs! you yanks has a lots to answers for!
Krystal McKeenan: you is bery bads! and eben da aboriginies don't strangle kangroos wif dere bare hands...da kangaroos is big buggers and does fights back, so you hits dem wif a stick first!
Miso Susanowa: ya, one of those bent sticks. Why don't you people use a straight stick like every other primitive country? Sheesh.

In the interests of more fairness, here is one kangaroo that has had enough of being a lapdog lackey of the upper-mammalian classes:

Willard the Kangaroo has enough

You go, Comrade Roo! ^_^