Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Orion's Arm - Rising In Light

I have been honored to have been asked to compose the voice of a starship - Rising In Light. Rising is part of the Extropia project in SL -an online community in the world of Second Life, built around a positive, near-future science fiction theme. It really is something immense and just... mind-expanding.

Rising in Light is a sentient starship, who travels the galaxy collecting art, experiences and information, sharing them with the beings she encounters in her travels. Created by Deebrane String and Truthseeker Young, Rising In Light is a vast and beautiful thing, and I was somewhat anxious when Truthseeker approached me to create her Voice.

Last night, the final elements of her Voice were added to the installation and given enthusiastic approval by Deebrane and Truthseeker and Orion's Arm: Rising In Light is now open to the public for viewing. I am very proud of my contribution to this incredible project!

More about the Extropia Community and material:

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shows, shows, shows

Life is like a train journey... it goes along and scenery streams by the window and you read a newspaper.... then suddenly a junction comes and 27 cars pile up into one another.

That's how it's been for me this weekend; two major shows, a rollicking event and a great chance to show off a piece that is difficult to place anywhere. Woot! I need chocolate!

Arcana - a really amazing show, put together and curated by Pixels Sideways. 22 Artists, 22 Major Arcana; lots of fun and thought-provoking work. Get your fortune told by the great Zoltar! Have a spookily accurate Tarot reading at the Advanced Tarot Table! Get a Crown! Find art! Be transfixed!

and here's my Card: 0-The Fool. Pixels was batting 1000; everyone's Card seemed to be the perfect one for their lives at this moment.

My own first major show!!! An exploration of the Sacred and the Profane and its influence on my life. Hosted by S&S Gallery - I am very grateful to Stefanik and Ally for taking a chance on some of the pieces, especially 'Confessional' and 'Foundation of Guilt." Work exploring the influences of my Catholic education and my search for meaning throughout many cultures.

and finally... thanks to the gentle prodding of Glyph Graves, I have put my "City" up at Brooklyn Is Watching. You probably know about BiW... you don't??!?!?! ACK! Ok go here:

So now you know about this incredibly interesting hybrid project, which connects the "real world" with Second Life and allows artists exposure and feedback through both solid and digital mediums...

This week was the Best of Year One anniversary of the project and a wild sim-ride through a number of artworks, including a reception for the artists, the Final 5 selected for BiW from SL and a wild chat crossover between a gallery full of partyin' art lovers and a sim full of crazy art makers. Beautiful fun chaos!

btw, here's a picture someone deemed snapworthy, of me in my cute red dress that Sabrinaa Nightfire made:

I'm ready for my closeup now, Mr DeMille!! haha ok enough vanity :)

But here's what you really want to see: the platform where you will find 'City' and works of other artists who put them out there for critical review and commentary -

'City' is both huge and overwhelming, like Los Angeles itself. From far away, it looks glittery and pretty... from close up or inside, it is a cacophonous assault on the senses. I haven't shown this piece before except in private because it is very uncomfortable to be around; I purposely did not put a sound-off switch in this piece so you have no choice but to flee it for some peace and quiet.

Thanks Glyph! *hug* ^_^