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Latest Information 4.5.2017

From P.F.Anderson: JJ Drinkwater is doing a SL memorial:

Riven's (informal) memorial is Saturday, April 8, 10:30-12am SLT.

and link to the SL space: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon%20SouthEnd/12/127/23

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Name: Riven Homewood

If you follow me, I will probably lead you in circles. I tweet about virtual worlds & whatever else interests me. Tweet a lot, don't follow many.

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I was informed tonight that a good Twitter friend & SL person, Riven Homewood, has passed away.

Those of us who knew her are in shock; the last we heard, she was going into the hospital to have some arm surgery. She expected to be offline while her arm healed so no one was really looking for her. This was only 10 days ago.

I have some information here from P.F. Andersen (SL) that was posted to Jean's (private) FB page. This is what I know so far:

Patricia F. Anderson
· 2 hrs ·

Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Riven Homewood (as I knew her). https://www.flickr.com/…/rivenhome…/8116762519/in/datetaken/ "Riven is the Director of the Steelhead Public Library on SecondLife. In RL, I'm Jean Hewlett, Librarian at a University of San Francisco branch campus." https://courses.p2pu.org/en/riven/ She passed yesterday afternoon without pain, following a series of recent health issues. Her son has asked that her online friends spread the word, and that this is her request. She wanted her online friends to know how truly dear they were to her, and that she would have told them each herself if it had been possible.

JJ Jacobson
 I've asked her son to let me know if there'll be a memorial that friends can attend, and said I'd send him pictures of the SL memorial that's sure to happen. And told him this, which doesn't even begin to say it: "To me she was a dear, dear friend, a valued and inspiring colleague, and that precious student who teaches the teacher." I can't fathom a world without Riven in it.

Patricia F. Anderson From Twitter: "Blessings on your journey.. rest in peace, Riven !" "much love to her son in this transition time" "Please tell her son she was much beloved here." "I'm going to try to be grateful that such a gentle soul has had a gentle passing, but I think I might need to cry awhile first." "If you're in touch with her dearest ones, please let them know how many will miss her and remember her with joy." "The last thing she tweeted to me was 'Thanks, love' - that totally counts. Oh, Jean...."

Steve Brustfrom Twitter
This is to all Riven Homewood's friends, and I'm very sorry to be saying it on Facebook, but her children asked me to let you know. This is from her son, Frank: "Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon my mother passed away. In the end it was very quick and painless and over in a matter of a few minutes. "

I'm appending the sad news to this tweet (via Steven Brust) because the exchange perfectly captures Riven's wit, humor, originality, commitment to good thinking and good talk, and that indefinable, wacky vivaciousness with which she pursued her life.

I can't tell you how much I'll miss her.

Second Life Official‏Verified account @SecondLife
re: @rivenhomewood
So sorry for this loss for family, & anyone who has the pleasure of having known @rivenhomewood Our thoughts and condolences are with you.

Johan Neddings
@rivenhomewood was one of those people that always was there and made sure you're okay. Hope her RL son will get all our messages bundled

Breezy Carver
@rivenhomewood shall truely miss this woman a peaceful voice to me late at night early in morning Iam heart broken with tears Bless you RIP

Camper 3.14‏
RIP @rivenhomewood She was one of many reasons I've stayed in @SecondLife #library #libraries #librarian #librariansrock