Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tweeting My Way To Immortal Fame & Swag

I think I found my answer to Klout - Tweenk, a "lazy MMORPG for busy people." The concept is simple and entertaining - sign up, create a character and then... tweet.

It looks like Tweenk is using the same kind of metrics that Klout and the rest of the "social media scoring games" use; it fetches data from the Twitter API and uses it to level your character.

The fun part is that, unlike most modern MMORPGs, you won't be spending hours trying to figure out the character-leveling system, or doing net searches to find out what ingredients you need for a Restore Health potion, or the stats on that swoony weapon you just looted from the corpse of a dead Frog. You also won't be going all ADHD/Hoarder with your inventory.

You don't have any control over that stuff. You just tweet. The game does its own dice rolls, progress, leveling & treasure generation. It's silly, amusing & much more fun for me than Klout.

Of course, as an avid gamer, I am watching my progress and trying to figure out the tricks of character leveling. I need them - there's already people with Char 40/Str 800/Mana 1200/Attack +700 and the game does allow for PVP. I had a hard enough time killing a Frog, so I'm not enabling PVP just yet :D

I've already started a guild called Nyms. Watching the progress timeline, it looks like there's benefits in being in a guild, so if this seems fun/interesting to you, sign up for Tweenk & join our guild. As you can see, we are almost exclusively mages, so we need some good meat shields warrior types.

It's a brilliant creation/mashup between "social metrics" and DnD/RPG tropes; very creative & interesting. And while you're playing, you might want to chug a mug of mead.

[PS: you might see "killed Pixie" - I can assure you, as a member in good standing of the Pixie Alliance, that these are BAD Pixies, sorta like Orcs, so don't feel too bad about killing them] 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The composition sheet for the strings for a new song with Misprint Thursday

Zoom detail of the envelope adjustments for each note.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Social Media site!

Twitter conversation with Vaneeesa Blaylock:

Miso: If people want my attention-currency in this social-media thing, they should provide links to information, not links to their G+ pages...
... which are only another link to the real info (if I'm lucky) or another link to their FB, which has another link to...
... another link-farm. Quit the round-robin link-circle-jerk.

Vaneeesa: I joined Miso+ ask me how!

Miso: Link-nesting for hits is BULLSHIT!

Vaneeesa: Shout it loud sistah! #linkNestingIsBullshit #Miso+

Wizard: How did you join Miso+?

Miso: I'm so glad people are being trained to use the internet just like advertisers! What a triumph of innovation!

Vaneeesa: New Media must be destroyed if possible, or tamed at minimum. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK! #eatYourYoung

 Miso: Hey, thanks for the RT about the linkback to your blog which links to your tweet about Miso+! *links from G+ page*

Vaneesa: @Wizard hahaha, uh, yes, how DID I join Miso+ umm, there's a website for that... let me find it!

Miso: @Wizard you need an invitation.

Miso: You mean "let me create it!"

Miso: You forgot our Plurk, Empire Avenue, Klout, G+ and Pinterest stuff!

Vaneeesa: Zuckerberg's now blocking G+ links2 Miso+ FASCIST! But Ucan Pinterest it. Anyway her K is through the roof. #whoNeedsMark

Miso: @vaneeesa's Klout is THROUGH THE ROOF! Ask her how she did it using VaneeesaBook!

Vaneeesa: OMG "" is what the website should have been called -- I'm such a dolt! :P

Miso: I was thinking maybe combining our Miso+ and VaneeesaBook pages into a new site called "" - opinion?

Vaneeesa: Vaneeesabook will always be free. We care about your privacy.

Miso: Same with Miso+ - we will never ask you for your personal information; we only ask that you click these links...

You know, we need a Kickstarter for this project...

"FYI (Find Your Information)" - a new SOCIAL MEDIA site based on the "treasure hunt" model, where you click your way through...
... social media sites, discovering clues that eventually might lead you to ACTUAL INFORMATION! You can earn INFO-POINTS!

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