Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tweeting My Way To Immortal Fame & Swag

I think I found my answer to Klout - Tweenk, a "lazy MMORPG for busy people." The concept is simple and entertaining - sign up, create a character and then... tweet.

It looks like Tweenk is using the same kind of metrics that Klout and the rest of the "social media scoring games" use; it fetches data from the Twitter API and uses it to level your character.

The fun part is that, unlike most modern MMORPGs, you won't be spending hours trying to figure out the character-leveling system, or doing net searches to find out what ingredients you need for a Restore Health potion, or the stats on that swoony weapon you just looted from the corpse of a dead Frog. You also won't be going all ADHD/Hoarder with your inventory.

You don't have any control over that stuff. You just tweet. The game does its own dice rolls, progress, leveling & treasure generation. It's silly, amusing & much more fun for me than Klout.

Of course, as an avid gamer, I am watching my progress and trying to figure out the tricks of character leveling. I need them - there's already people with Char 40/Str 800/Mana 1200/Attack +700 and the game does allow for PVP. I had a hard enough time killing a Frog, so I'm not enabling PVP just yet :D

I've already started a guild called Nyms. Watching the progress timeline, it looks like there's benefits in being in a guild, so if this seems fun/interesting to you, sign up for Tweenk & join our guild. As you can see, we are almost exclusively mages, so we need some good meat shields warrior types.

It's a brilliant creation/mashup between "social metrics" and DnD/RPG tropes; very creative & interesting. And while you're playing, you might want to chug a mug of mead.

[PS: you might see "killed Pixie" - I can assure you, as a member in good standing of the Pixie Alliance, that these are BAD Pixies, sorta like Orcs, so don't feel too bad about killing them] 


Wizzy Gynoid said...

make sure you don't use your twitter password for Tweenk. just sayin. "Ghost" guild members fight with you who are random peeps you've tweeted. they haven't opted in. that part seems a little lame. haven't decided yet.

Miso Susanowa said...

@Wizzy - it looks like unqiue names you tweet the first time trigger "encounters" & you are granted extra combat points for the "able assist".

The game is only 2 weeks public, so there's lots of fixing to do - one of the devs thanked me for reporting the "shouldn't be able to PVP guild members" thing.

Whiskey Monday said...

How do you join a guild? (I'm a Dwarf Warrior. Rawr.)

Miso Susanowa said...

Heya Whiskey! Was just thinking of you :)

It's a bit bugged now - you can use Search to find NYMS guild, then... sometimes the JOIN button is there, and sometimes you have to go out of the page and back in and it shows up (bug-finding process)