Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Orion's Arm - Rising In Light

I have been honored to have been asked to compose the voice of a starship - Rising In Light. Rising is part of the Extropia project in SL -an online community in the world of Second Life, built around a positive, near-future science fiction theme. It really is something immense and just... mind-expanding.

Rising in Light is a sentient starship, who travels the galaxy collecting art, experiences and information, sharing them with the beings she encounters in her travels. Created by Deebrane String and Truthseeker Young, Rising In Light is a vast and beautiful thing, and I was somewhat anxious when Truthseeker approached me to create her Voice.

Last night, the final elements of her Voice were added to the installation and given enthusiastic approval by Deebrane and Truthseeker and Orion's Arm: Rising In Light is now open to the public for viewing. I am very proud of my contribution to this incredible project!

More about the Extropia Community and material:

Extropia main page
Voices of Orion's Arm
Publish Post

YouTube video


Unknown said...

It really is amazingly good... congrats, Miso! It's both a work of art in its own right, and an example of how SL can be used... not just building, but sound and video... and I absolutely adore how the whole ambiance changes if you turn one part of the sound on or off...

And it was fun trading SF quotes and memories with you and Dee. :) You never expect, even in SL, to find practicing artists who are as much sci-fi buffs as techie geeks like me!

Siri said...

Hi Miso,

I just went to your interesting installation at BiW and blogged a bit about it here: I will be sure to look for your other work! :))

Miso Susanowa said...

TY both! I am glad Rising was fun Varian, it was way way an honor to help with such an amazing thing!

Siri: lol i should read my own blog more often! TY for your kind comments about City!