Thursday, October 22, 2009

Burning Life and why is it so short?

Burning Life is in full swing; there is a tremendous amount of amazing, intricate, astonishing and fun builds this year, far more than at SL6B - many, many people have pulled out the stops for this event. It's true; at an event like this, there's barely enough time to see most of the highlights.

But why the h-e-double-chopsticks is Burning Life 2009 one week only? SL6B got extended for two. BL has far more involvement and creativity than SL6B did. The bloggers are just getting started describing the wonders to be seen, interacted with and experienced, owing to the news blackout pre-opening. Buzz is just amping up, and yet all of this will be gone in 3-4 days -_-

Just because the FL Burning Man festival is one week? Are we supposed to merely replicate First Life? That would be a dull metaverse indeed, aping (heh - theme pun) "normal" objects, "normal" buildings, "normal" people. The FL Burning Man doesn't come together to mimic or impersonate a city like Los Angeles or Boston or San Francisco; the physical city built in the desert in Nevada aims to recreate, extend, rethink and reimagine a cityspace and what can be done there.

We aren't limited in SL to vacation times, work schedules, physical water and food requirements, power and health logistics or any of the other reasons that keep Burning Man limited to one week. Why would the Lindens wish to cramp one of the best flowerings of Second Life, its communal spirit and creativity and one of the highest drawing events to date inworld to one week? It's crazy. They wish to show off the wonders and virtues of SL and then do something boneheaded like yank the plug on this year's Burning Life after a week.

*Sigh* I wish they had some people in their structure who actually understood the metaverse, and not a bunch of calculating and strategicalizing newmedia ex-television and website monetization monkeys :(

That said... all hats, propellers and barrettes off to Dusty Linden, White Lebed, Talia Tokugowa, lonetorus Habilis, all the sweet and interesting Rangers i've met, the Lamplighters, the Art Pathfinders, the Greeters, the djs, the hosts and all of the incredible builders and participators and tons and tons of people I don't even know about. Burn On!

Selected sites to go see:

Vessel's Dream by Bryn oh

Gulliver's travel by Ub Yifu

Towards the Future by Solkide Auer & Shellina Winkler

Sekhmet's Serpentunes by Madcow Cosmos & Lorin Tone

Proud Flesh by Adam Ramona

The Tower and the Quest by Alpha Auer & Frigg Ragu

Among Other Things by AM Radio

irregularity by Selavy Oh

144' by Dekka Raymaker & Penumbra Carter

ArtEvolutionCube by Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo

Friends are everywhere! by Yoa Ogee

Inner Child Camp 2009 by Marianne McCann (with the advice and prims of Pygar Bu, Robin howe, Valla Griffin & Jonathan Spad)

The Art Department somewhat managed by White Lebed *laughing*

The full-scale giant MouseTrap Game by Nawlins Streeter!

Cabaret of Flames by Poid Malkovich

“The Burning Woman” by AuraKyo Insoo

Fushion by Four Yip and Mescaline Tammas (mmmm- chocolate!!!)

Happy Family by Artistide Despres

Bringing Water to the Desert by Alizarin Goldflake and Rezago Kokorin

The Art Sculpture Garden just east of Tesseract House

Peanut Butter & Jelly Camp by Physeter Nicholls and Kelly Yap. Get down in da jelly!

Peace & Love Camp by Sabrinaa Nightfire

Lost Planet by FreeWee Ling

Glyph Graves' Hugging alien - Hug him! You'll never forget it!

Rock Garden by Kolor Fall

Now you see why a week is ridiculous!!!!


White Lebed said...

Don't panic, Miso, dear :) The events and the activities will be closed in a few days, but the art and the builds will stay for another week and the gates will be opened till Nov 1st.
So I suggest participating in everything you can now, while people run all kind of great events, you will have one more week to explore plots.
It is great to have you there not just as an artist, but as one of the most active volunteers. Thank you for all your help and wonderful textures you made for the board, flags, etc. Hugs

Siri said...

Yay, White. That's great news! I'll amend my post to spread the word.

Miso Susanowa said...

W00T! TY White! *Hugs!*

*hastily amends post and also removes *somewhat managed by* on the Art Dept. item *sweat drop*