Wednesday, April 14, 2010

State of Mind - The Politics of Information

State of Mind is my second major installation in Second Life and examines propaganda and the transmission/accessibility of information. A fun tour through historical propaganda and new satire on the topics of internet boogeymen, child abuse statistics, the manipulation of the web, spycams, suppressed information, skewed statistics, television and RFID technology.

The installation features 23 "spycams" that can be accessed to watch everyone else in the installation, or watch yourself! (you know you want to :D)

Also featured is a mandatory RFID-tagged bracelet which must be worn in the installation or you will be subject to immediate teleportation home, bringing home the reality of mandatory personal identification in the form of RFID-enabled passports, driver's licenses and state ID cards.

Come one, come all! Try your luck at the Charlton Heston Memorial Patriot Shooting Gallery! Get your picture taken as a "terrist" in the Abu Ghraib Photo Booth! Try to surf the net! Watch TV (while it watches you)! Listen to the wonderful, stirring patriotic music! Grab a CheezBurger© and some Freedom Fries! And whatever you do, don't go into Room 101! :D

*be darn sure to pick up the Office of Mental Security RFID-enabled bracelet at the entrance!!! I've already been sent home twice by my own Enforcers for not wearing it :D

State of Mind will be open at the Aquitaine location for two weeks as a preview for the main opening in May at the 4 Bridges/BORDC (Bill of Rights Defense Committee) sim for a wider audience.

State of Mind will be hosted in Aquitaine for two weeks .

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June said...

Well, my head was pretty filled up after going through the exhibit. Some impressions in no particular order:

Security orb - wearing it, I couldn't get close to anything. But I felt pretty safe. Sort of.

Security camera - weird how it's such a fixed stare, cold.

EULA, I did object to being projected on the moon, but I wanted to see the rest of the exhibit so I sacrificed my principles and agreed. LOL

Turban, urban, disturbin, bourbon. Now THAT was a Burma Shave/Wall Drug series for our times!

Pink Hummer!!! Even more cringeworthy than a white or black one!

I'm afraid that I really wanted to target some of the 'innocents' in your shooting gallery. I am ashamed of that.

I haven't had a real questionable meat product in ages. I've had some questionable fish products though.

I had some difficulty with the MTA series. The coffin one was painful. You turned the 'if you see something, say something' campaign into some interesting slogans, like 'if you fear something, you'll see something'. I wasn't very, very upset with the original campaign. At least it gave us something to do after 9/11! (I was too old to enlist anyway).

I didn't much like getting fried.

The security camera information in NYC was surprising, so many! Good thing or bad thing? Not sure. Privacy is so compromised.

Fascinating exhibit, Miso. Yes, I got the T shirt! I wish you continued freedom for your excellent explorations.