Saturday, December 4, 2010

CHROMA/Split Screen Inaugural

CHROMA is an installation at Split Screen Installation Space, a new patronage by Dividni Shostakovich, author of the Division Street/Divided Path blog.

CHROMA is an immersion in tint and luminence, constantly shifting and changing, interacting with avatars and objects inside of it - a holiday wash of pure color and light. Avatars become masses of glowing colored light and hidden figures in the build are revealed by slight angular changes of distance and perspective. No sound this time; it's all about the eyes.

Some photos of the CHROMA process can be seen here:

I am sharing this inaugural installation set with Bryn Oh's Mayfly, a lovely and peaceful natural environment, quite different from her usual work and themes.

Split Screen is an installation space for two artists at a time to show large-scale pieces and installations for two months at a time. You can read more about Split Screen here. It's really a wonderful opportunity to work unencumbered by expectations or requirements; Divi is very supportive of artists and their work.

Please come by and support this independent effort on behalf of the arts scene in SL and Divi's generousity.

SLurl: CHROMA @ Split Screen
Dec 1- Dec 30, 2010

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... also like to mention a really nice interview with Trill Zapatero on Flora Nordenskiold's blog. Trill is one of the most outgoing and generous artists I know. Builder of the Afghanistan Museum, working to support RAWA and Violence Against Women and many other works with both social themes and real results, Trill has raised a very respectable amount of money in SL for these organizations through her tireless (and I mean tireless) efforts and I respect her work and her person very highly. She's hot lately too; several print and video interviews attest to that (so nag her to start a blog).

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