Thursday, April 14, 2011

War & Peace at The Zinn April 16-17

Trill Zapatero curates this powerful exhibit at The Howard Zinn Center for Social Consciousness and the Arts on the Four Bridges Project sims.

The all-star lineup of contributing artists include Em Larsson, Drumstick Ah, Igor Ballyhoo, Oona Erin, Plot Tracer, Novia Halostar, Filthy Fluno, Chrome Underwood, Asmita Duranjaya, Pol Jarvinen, Larkworth Antfarm, Fiona Leitner, Mona Mendes, Aaron Hughes, Gamma Infinity, millay Freschi and Trill (and me) meditating on the themes of war and peace with powerfully-evocative builds, installations and paintings/graphics.

Trill's done an amazing build (most of the sim work is hers, and it is spectacular) as well as a gorgeous catalogue for the exhibition. You really have to see this sim-work to believe the amount of time and talent Trill has put into this. There are also some pretty-happening events in the lineup:

Scheduled Events

Saturday, April 16, 2011

12pm SLT: millay Freschi, opening remarks and a reading

12:30SLT: Open Mike Poetry Slam

6pmSLT: Meet the Artists

8pmSLT: Live music with Leo Voorhees, Costa Rican musician

Sunday, April 17, 2011

12pmSLT: Juniverse Stockholm and Medora Chevalier of "The Wall" fame

2pmSLT: Meet the Artists

3pmSLT: Mommaluv Skytower plays!

My own Theatre of War (installation version) is there [Flickr link].

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June said...

I always experience uneasiness when I hear 'theater' in the same breath as 'war'. Yeah, I know that's a common phrase in military terms. But I thought you did a good job illustrating the uneasiness that I feel. And I'll mention the build itself - very interesting way to draw in your audience.

June Trefoil