Saturday, September 10, 2011

Betty Tureaud's Matrix & revisiting 'code dreams'

Betty Tureaud has a cool new build at Danish Visions called 'The Matrix' which incorporates QR codes, which are gaining some current attention because of several new apps for the iPhone for reading these codes. These codes are not new to Japan and many European nations where they have been widely used for a long time.

My installation for last year's Artbreaker! show at Pop Art Lab, 'code dreams', contained many types of coded information which had to be discovered like easter eggs or hidden treasure. Among the coding systems used were QR and barcode; some were textures on things, some were sculptures and some were in tonal sequences. If you want to know all about that installation you can read this older post:

Betty's work jogged my memory and inspired me to dig out the QR and barcode bitmaps I used in code dreams and put them up on Flickr. Such codes are fun to play with and not limited to merely commercial uses. If you have a QR or barcode scanning app, you should be able to scan the code blocks and get the text, links and other information contained in the codes. Have fun and realize that information can be all around you; it's sometimes up to you to discover it and read the meaning.

And don't forget to visit Betty's fabulous installation at Danish Visions:

PS: here's the manifesto for code dreams in QR code:

On scanning this QR stamp you should get the following text:

"There is information all around you; hidden meanings in the patterns of the world. Some people are aware of those hidden meanings; we call them shamans, witches, wizards. They read signs and wonders, trends and currents and know their meanings."

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