Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tweenking in Tweeria

Gamester Tweenk, who was responsible for Tweenk, the lazy Twitter Role-Playing Game, is at it again with Tweeria, which is in closed-beta right now as the mechanics & delivery are being worked on.

You might remember me bragging about the Tweenk Nyms Guild and my boss character. The new game looks really fun, with purchaseable items to flaunt your wealth, the ability to make your own spells and items (and have other characters download them) and the ability to post alternate artwork for your character.

 It's Tweenk on steroids and really appeals to an RPG fan like me with the ability to make custom items. In fact... this is the graphic for my first created item:

Ring of the Lucky Apprentice

For Lvl 2 mage characters, a boost to DEX (5), INT (5) and Luck (10)

Huzzah! I knew all those hours at the Enchanting Table in Oblivion and Skyrim would pay off someday!

More details will follow as to the beta shakedown and public alpha of Tweeria.

[my bought-and-paid-for alternate avatar art]

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