Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Post

It's been a full year and a day, so I'm keeping to the magickal tradition and declaring myself HERE now, in Second Life, as a Resident (before I was just an explorer I guess).

SL has been part of my rebirthing, having spent the last 12 years as the 4 of Swords, entombed and alone. Beginning last May 31, I began a reawakening of my dormant powers and personality; shaking off the lassitude of droneness and security and leaping out (well, after a few false starts and stumbles) into life again. SL has been a great part of that and I would like to thank the people who have encouraged me and supported me in my clumsy attempts to reclaim my soul and opened this amazing world to me:

Goose Wycliffe - So many words to say and not enough digital pagery; my Aunt Goose for whom I would go to the ends of the digital and physical earth.

Sabrinaa Nightfire - My Art Angel, confidant and coach.

Kelly Yap - My green art-sister-from-another-mothership.

Physeter Nicholls - My boy Muse ^_^

Georg Janick - Mysterious guru and ponderous ponderable.

Winged Heron - My first Patron and art-midwife.

Nehima Yifu - My second Patron and supporter/believer.

June Trefoil - First neighbor, encourager, believer.

New Caerleon - For its trust in me.

... and the many others whom I have met along the way back home.

So now, as Blossom would say, "Let's roll!"


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So deep, better to close it.

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