Wednesday, June 3, 2009

RezDay Presents

Woowoo! I got back to SL after my RL move in time for my RezDay! One whole year in SL, finding out what's what, learning to do and to be... and I get two great presents!

The first was a tour of Glyph Graves' INCREDIBLE new exhibit/work/environment/story, "The Dance of Strangers" (SLURL: IBM 2 / IBM Exhibit, IBM 2 (228, 157, 24). I cannot say enough about this exhibit; I am still goggle-brained by Glyph's work in everything: scripting, the organic life of his forms and their biological movements; his work with sound. The storytelling aspect of this piece is entrancing and thought-provoking; the experience reminded me of the thrill and wonder I experienced on my first immersion in Laurie Anderson's show "United States I-IV."

Glyph was kind enough to endure my peppering him with questions about technicalities and gentlemanly in his patience with my over-effulsive verbiage, which is a refreshing change from the sometimes icy and isolative art personas one must endure frequently.

You must see this exhibit! Open to viewing until June 30th. Go! Now!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The second present was an IM telling me that my Celestial Clock was in the first photograph of an article in The Best Of SL Magazine's June '09 issue about New Caerleon, where I have been given workspace by Sabrinaa Nightfire, my Art Angel, to attempt to get over my prim-stingy consciousness and to encourage and expand my horizons by working alongside some of the finest artists in Second Life.

I cannot thank Sabrinaa and the artists of New Caerleon enough for the opportunity to stretch and work out, and their generosity of both personal time and prim-land. It took me a year in Second Life to find a project and people worth working for; maybe I am just slow, or maybe I needed to be awake enough after my long hibernation to find the type of people who are stretching the boundaries and truly exploring the potential of this revolutionary medium. Whichever, I am more alive now than I have been in years, and these folks are a large part of the reason why.

"These battered wings/still kick up dust" - Peter Gabriel, 'Only Us'

[ok, ok, i will lern to rite bettur an' with more polishitude soon, 'k? Kthxbai]

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